The Hobbit

Hello Reader,

The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien

Yes… Many of you might shun me for just now reading The Hobbit… In fact, I have never read any of The Lord of the Rings or seen any of the movies. If I have seen the movies I have only seen bits and don’t remember anything. Now that we are over that atrocity let’s get to the book review.

The Hobbit was actually really good. I look forward to reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The book was a quick read and not difficult to get through. The book was close to 300 pages. I read the book over a few days but could easily have sat down and read the whole book in a weekend.

JRR Tolkien is not one to shy away from descriptions of scenery, characters, or emotions. There can be several pages dedicated to a description. There are some instances where this seems to drag on but in other instances it is helpful to the progression of the plot. Also, get ready for several songs written into the book. You have to get go at singing a song you don’t know the tune too. They are short and usually explained in the next paragraph.

The ending is more abrupt than I had hoped. The majority of the book is leading to this apex moment and then the apex moment happens in a few pages and things are back to normal and the book is done. I was a bit disappointed in the ending and wished for more descriptiveness in that moment (surprising to want more description from JRR Tolkien I know).

However, I do completely recommend this book. It is a good read (for those of us who are still behind the times). It kept my interest and I wanted to know what happened next. Look for my Lord of the Rings trilogy reviews next!

PS. Yes the book in the photo is well used. That is because it is my coworker’s copy.

– The Katie Clark

Alias Grace

Hello Reader,

Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood

The book for the month of January was Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. It is the fictional story of the very real Grace Marks. Grace was convicted of murder in the 1800’s in Canada. This book follows the few true details of her conviction and time in prison. Although no one truly knows what happened on the day of the murder, Margaret Atwood has you believing every detail of her version.

The book is approximately 460 pages long. It took me a while to read it but I was not reading for long periods every day. The reader does have to become accustomed to the language used in the book; it is written using language from the 1800’s so it doesn’t flow off the tongue as easily.  The imagery and detail in the book take you back to the scene of the crime and make you feel that if you had CSI tools you could easily solve the mystery now! The detail sucks the reader into the world of Grace Marks.

The length of the book stems from the meticulous detail about Grace’s life prior to the murder. The murder is not the highlight of the book which I originally was very disappointed with. However, after looking into Grace Marks’ life on Google it seems that not much is known about her from the murder onward. So when you pick this book up don’t expect the murder to happen in chapter 1. However, the entire books connects the day of the murder to the entirety of Grace’s back story. Since no one knows exactly what happened on the day of the murder, Margaret Atwood uses her own detective skills to create a back story that links seamlessly with the few historical details of the murder.

I highly suggest this book to anyone who loves a good murder mystery and biography. This fictional book is so well written that it could easily pass as a biography on Grace Marks’ life. Pick it up and let me know what you think about this mysterious murderess.

Side Note: Netflix did create a series based on the book which is the reason I picked it up. I will watch the series next to see how it holds up to the book!

– The Katie Clark

Capital Gaines

Hello Reader,

Capital Gaines, Chip Gaines

My first book review… Eek! I am excited and nervous. Opinions on the internet usually never go over well! Keep in mind that I am no literary genius but I do love a good book. So, I hope that my book reviews will inspire you to pick up a good book or two!

Today I picked up Capital Gaines from the library at 3 pm. With a 30 minute dinner break, I finished the book before 7 pm. Not a very hard ready. However, it was a very funny and heart warming book.

It is the story of how Chip and Joanna Gaines got to where they are now (Fixer Upper, Magnolia, and their family). This book dives into some the history of Waco, Texas and allows the reader to really understand the heart of Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market. Unlike Joanna’s book (The Magnolia Story) it is more emotional and less about the facts of how they got there. It also seems to be the closing of their story where Joanna’s was more of the beginning of their story.

If you need a good inspirational book, pick this one up! If you read my other posts, I blogged about finding my passion today. I am positive that God made sure I read this book today. The entire book is about the hard work and dedication a passion requires but also the amazing fruits you will experience from that passion. Chip encourages his readers through the entire book to pursue what their heart loves! I am even more encouraged and ready to find mine!

I would encourage anyone to read this book. If you are looking for a fun, easy read about televisions sweethearts then grab it! If you are looking to learn a little about Waco, Texas’s town history and about the foundation of Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market then read this! If you want to be encouraged and feel empowered to grab life by the horns then check this one out!

– The Katie Clark