Day 40

Hello Reader,

Dubuque, Iowa

Day 40 and I have decided this is my last Whole30 post for the January Whole30!

I have learned a lot. I learned when and why I eat and what draws me to certain types of food. I am in no way an expert at avoiding food in those situations but I do acknowledge it.

I learned more about what foods sit well and what foods don’t. I am still learning quantities of certain foods (dairy, gluten, sugar).

I learned how much food it really does take in a day to keep me going. I learned that the 3 o’ clock snack isn’t always because I am hungry.

I have learned how many emotional or social ques I count on from food. I truly rely on food for comfort in emotional times and I rely on food in social settings to bring everyone together.

To say that I have learned it all and have mastered my Food Freedom would be a lie. But I have learned a lot and plan on continuing to learn as best as I can. Welcome to your Food Freedom January Whole30’ers!

– The Katie Clark

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