The Normal

Hello Reader,

Boulder, CO

Some days are completely normal. Today was a completely normal day. Wake up, exercise, get ready for work, work, head home, have dinner, a little home renovation, relax, and go to sleep. These days are the ones we take for granted. The ones that go unnoticed. However, if you take the time to notice the seemingly normal days are extraordinary.

Today, we work up earlier than we have in the past and got in a longer workout than usual, which was fantastic. At work I completed 3 projects and got to decorate the office Christmas tree. Dinner was delicious, healthy, and one of my favorite dishes we make. We made great progress on our home renovation and will likely finish this project this weekend. Relaxing is always a special time with my husband; we have tea time and cuddle on the sofa. Of course, sleeping is always a welcomed at the end of an extraordinary day.

Take notice in your seemingly ordinary days, you might just find the extraordinary.

– The Katie Clark


The Tough Love

Hello Reader,

CSU Gardens, CO

“Patience and grace are not easy.”

That was the text I received from my husband after I was complaining about my day. Initially when I read his text I had zero patience or grace with him (not so ironic at the time). I wanted to complain to my husband and for him to nod and agree with my complaints. However, he knew that I need the tough love. After I realized the irony and that my husband was correct, I thanked him for that tough love.

Sometimes tough love is exactly what we require. The world is full of tough love. The downpour of rain, the scorching beams of the sun, the rush of wind on delicate flowers. This is required tough love for flowers. Every spring flowers bloom knowing that tough love will come. Without tough love we would not grow; I would not grow in patience and grace.

So when you are faced with tough love, first see the irony in how much you are displeased with the person giving the tough love. Second, accept the tough love and determine your new path. Third, walk directly into the downpour of rain, the scorching beams of the sun, and the rush of the wind. And finally, GROW!

– The Katie Clark


The Work

Hello Reader,

Mills Lake, Colorado

Today was the first day back to the usual work grind after a long holiday weekend. The fantasy of a forever – weekend is over. As I sat at my desk I was thinking of all the things I am grateful for… Our family, my health (a whole different story), our friends, the amazing adventures my husband and I get to go on, and so many other wonderful things. But what I never would have thought to say I was thankful for is the largest contributor to all my other thanksgivings: Work.

Yes folks, that is right… Work. My line of work has been in our family for generations so it is something that ties each of us together. Work has be so gracious and understanding of the days when I feel sick; they have also been so supportive in the healing process. Many of our friends are work friends; whom we cherish very much. We would have missed out on many opportunities if work was not apart of our daily grind.

I can’t say that I constantly am grateful for work. Just like the rest of the world, Monday’s are a struggle… But today, as I sat staring at my computer screen thinking of how thankful I am for the rest of my life, I realized so much of the life I am thankful stems from work (in a way – even if you have to tilt your head and squint your eyes – it is there, I promise!). So be thankful for whatever line of work you are in. It is a foundation for so many other wonderful areas of your life.

– The Katie Clark

The Green

Hello Reader,

Here is Colorado it has been unseasonably warm. It has been in the upper 60’s (degree F) throughout the month of November. When the weather is nice in Colorado EVERYONE goes outside. Since we didn’t want to be left out we headed for the mountains!

Luckily we got to the trailhead when the weather was colder (40 degrees F) and people weren’t out in full force. The hike was refreshing and quiet. Not a lot of foot or bike traffic. It was a short hike (a little over 5 miles round trip) but great for a Sunday morning.

The pine trees were the only green left on the trail. The seasons remind us that change is good. But the pine trees remind us that the best parts of us don’t change. Our roots are strong and the light will always shine through. So with the new year coming set those resolutions, make the changes, but remember the best parts don’t change… You are Evergreen!

– The Katie Clark

The Husband

Hello Reader,

My husband has always been into photography. He has been my personal photographer for years. Over the past 5 years I watched him do a squat, duck, reach, climb, or any other acrobatic move to get the perfect photo. At first I thought it was strange and it was embarrassing. Now-a-days I am his place holder for photos. I make room in crowds so he can get the perfect shot. In Italy I stood front and center so he could get a photo over my shoulder. I am great at moving a crowd out of a photo.

However, I recently have found myself wanting to get the same photo. With this new found interest in photography my role has changed on vacation or adventures. I now block crowds for myself (and my husband). It is a challenge to get the right photo but when you do there is a sense of accomplishment.

Here is to more crowd blocking and to future perfect photos!

– The Katie Clark

The Silence

Hello Reader,

Mt. Ida, Rocky Mountain National Park

In Colorado we boast about our skiing, hiking, kayaking, snow shoeing, skydiving, and any other outdoor activity you can possibly think of. My husband and I love to take part in all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. In particular, we enjoy hiking.

Although my husband and I hike together, we mostly don’t talk. Maybe it is because of the huffing and puffing when you get above the tree line (high elevation), but I like to believe it is something else. You see, what most people don’t tell you about Colorado is how amazing the silence is. The mountains have this deafening effect. The mountains somehow silence the rest of the world.

I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that as you wind your way into Rocky Mountain National Park you lose cell service, radio, wifi, etc. The mountains require your full attention and they make sure they have it when you reach your destination. The vastness and glory of the mountains are so overtaking that you are continually drawn back in.

Pay attention next time you are in the mountains… You will hear the deafening silence. You will find yourself wanting to use your “inside voice”. You will find yourself wanting to sit and listen to the silence for hours. You will find yourself lost in the mountains.

– The Katie Clark

The Who, What, When, Where, And Why

Hello Reader,

Like this elephant I am curious, nervous, excited, intrigued, and ready to dive into the immense photo blogging world. I am brand new to blogging but not so new to photography. I love to document every adventure my husband and I go on.  Here is quick peak into the who, what, when, where, and why of The Katie Clark:

Who: Katie Clark – Wife, Adventure Seeker, New Photo Blogger

What: With the new year coming up I thought I could use a new challenge (a New Year’s Resolution per se). So I challenged myself to start a photo blog. However… starting a photo blog alone isn’t difficult enough so I challenged myself to do a photo a day for the year of 2018. I was so excited about myself declared photography challenge that I had to get a head start.

When: 2018

Where: Anywhere adventure takes me!

Why: My husband and I go on so many wonderful adventures. I love to photograph our adventures so why not start a photo blog to more professionally document all of them.

So stay tuned for more!

– The Katie Clark